If you think you’re addicted to prescription drugs, or if you think your teen may be addicted, there are many treatment centers that can help. For a long time, there has been some social stigma associated with rehab, but that’s changing. Celebrities like Ben Affleck and Demi Lovato have gone public with their rehab stories in recent years, and society is learning that going to rehab is a sign of strength.

A quick internet search will show you many treatment centers in your area, but we’ve listed a few of the most well-known treatment centers here.

The Betty Ford Center

The Betty Ford Center is named for former First Lady Betty Ford, one of the first famous people to use her celebrity to support others who are suffering from addiction. The Betty Ford Center has facilities in many cities throughout the US, and boasts a success rate of 80 percent. They provide a mixture of medical treatment and the 12-Step program, and recommend a 90-day stay for best results.

The Phoenix House

The Phoenix House was founded in 1967 by six heroin addicts in New York. Since then, they’ve expanded to found 11 treatment centers throughout the country. It’s more affordable than some of the other prestigious treatment centers, and focuses on a holistic program that includes traditional medical treatment with a 12-Step program, and tailors treatment to each individual patient’s needs. Their philosophy is that addiction is a chronic disease, so they focus on long-term recovery.

Caron Treatment Centers

Caron Treatment Centers has locations all along the East Coast, and has a high success rate. They offer 30, 60 and 90-day treatment programs, with an approach that combines the 12-Step program with talk therapy, traditional medicine and holistic medicine. Their prices are on the higher end, but they offer scholarships for those in financial hardship, as well as zero-interest financing.